In Moscow has died the 21 patients with coronavirus

Among the dead patients from 34 years to 91 years. 34-year-old man diagnosed as “pneumonia with the total defeat of the upper and lower lobes of the right and left lungs,” in addition, he suffered from disease Pickwick. Most patients had comorbidities: hypertension, chronic bronchitis, pyelonephritis, cirrhosis of the liver. One of the deceased was treated in a Federal hospital.

Operational headquarters reminds that it is necessary to observe strictly the regime of self-isolation, especially the elderly and those with chronic diseases.

by may 1, all residents, regardless of age, are obliged to leave the place of residence. The measures are introduced in order to reduce the number of movements of citizens in the city.

From 13 to 19 April in Moscow, introduced a number of additional prohibitions and restrictions. Temporarily curtailed or terminated, most of the municipal organisations, except for public authorities, health organizations, food and medical industry, manufacturers of personal protective equipment, key enterprises in the defense, space, nuclear industry and critical infrastructure.