In Moscow from the coronavirus recovered 1 016 people

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

In Moscow from the coronavirus recovered 1 016 man. This was reported by Deputy Moscow mayor for social development Anastasia Rakova.

Thus, during the day, recovered another 179 patients after undergoing treatment for coronavirus infections in hospitals in the city. The Deputy mayor noted that those patients who need to remain under observation after discharge, received relevant recommendations from the doctors.

Rakova said that in the last few days in the city daily prescribe more than 100 people. According to her, these indicators are very good.

She also said that before releasing the patient, the doctors conduct special studies to confirm the absence of illnesses. She added that in hospitals patients see infectious disease specialists, pulmonologists, epidemiologists, anaesthetists, Intensivists.

as of April 13, in Moscow, found 1 355 new cases of infection with coronavirus. Only on the territory of the Russian Federation confirmed 2 558 new episodes of infection. The number infected with the coronavirus has increased to the level 18 328 people.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia exceeded 18 thousand.

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