In Moscow, fraudsters have learned new ways to deceive seniors

In Moscow, there is a new kind of telephone fraud. The attackers call the subscriber under the guise of law enforcement and reported that he once purchased a fake medicines. He was recognized as the victim and now he put the cash compensation. But to get it, you need to pay for lawyers and a Bank account.

All numbers from this page in the notebook Leonid Opanasenko is not available, although a month ago he called them almost every day. The interlocutors were presented by the staff of a certain law enforcement agencies. His complicated name Leonid Ivanovich had forgotten. But the steady business-like tone and characteristic speech patterns of the caller once called a pensioner’s trust.

“having Served over 60 years in the state bodies, the tone of the conversation, I realized that talking to people who work in government bodies”, — says Leonid Opanasenko.

the Male voice on the phone said that the criminal case of selling fake drugs, Leonid Ivanovich, as the buyer-victim, put a large cash payment.

However, in order to obtain this amount, the retiree, he says, will have to pay for lawyers and a safe-Deposit box — 10 thousand rubles. Leonid Ivanovich transferred the money. Then it turned out that you need to pay 50 more thousand and then 100 thousand. Several people who called themselves accountants, the lawyers, constantly convinced that it must be done, because the amount of the estimated compensation had greatly increased.

“the Sum of all the time they have increased. Started with 250 thousand, and brought to 2 million 300 thousand. Said certificate is ready”, — says Leonid Opanasenko.

However, after the retiree moved to a different account, which he dictated to an unknown, more than 2 million rubles, the calls suddenly stopped. Leonid Ivanovich has understood that became a victim of fraud.

“This is article 159-I Criminal codeeksa. In this case, the act is considered in part 4 — serious for the most part. And face with their actual establishment will be brought to real imprisonment,” — said the lawyer Andrei Souares.

this would be difficult, because the criminals operated remotely, and none of them abused the pensioner had never even seen. The only clue is a phone numbers and credit cards. A police report has already been filed.