In Moscow for days has died four patients with confirmed coronavirus

In Moscow for the day died four patients with confirmed coronavirus In Moscow during the day, died four patients with confirmed coronavirus
Photo: Denis Grishkin / Press service of the Mayor and Government of Moscow

In Moscow has died the four patients who had confirmed a coronavirus, is reported in oberstab.

Three of the dead were from 80 to 86 years. Another 34 years. He was on a ventilator for four days. He was diagnosed with bilateral pneumonia, and also revealed hyperemia of the internal organs, pulmonary edema and brain hemorrhage.

Three cases suffered from chronic bronchitis. Among other related diseases in all four deaths in the sit room is also called pyelonephritis, hypertension and atherosclerosis.

So, the total number who died in Moscow on patients with coronavirus has reached 24.

In Russia, according to the morning of April 3, was more than 4 thousand cases of coronavirus, nearly three thousand of them fall on Moscow.

the victims of the infection in the country were more than 34 people. 281 yet the patient recovered. The first cases of death from COVID-19 today informed the authorities in Primorsky region and Kostroma region.