In Moscow earns artificial intelligence

the Main objective of the experiment is to see how artificial intelligence technologies, in what sectors and in public relations makes sense to implement it. The results of the experiment will decide on changes to existing legislation.

Related to artificial intelligence (AI) aspects are still not reflected in the legal field, said Nikolai Komlev, Director of the Association APKIT, Chairman of the Board of the RF CCI on the development of the digital economy. Therefore, it is commendable that Moscow were the first to introduce the idea of a “digital sandbox” – the opportunity to try out a regulatory regime that will allow greater use of technology AI and faster to get the effect of the use of AI in various spheres of life.

“It is an integral part of our lives, says Komlev. Cameras that recognize car numbers and people’s faces, analysis, and forecast of traffic jams, weather forecast, forecast the spread of the epidemic – all this is artificial intelligence in action. And Russia in this niche a good position.”