in 2010 the residents of the house included in the story, on its own initiative, hung at the entrance a memorial plaque telling about historical events.

To participate the ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk, however, as reported by the newspaper Tagesspiegel, he said an official waiver, which in the mayor’s office “didn’t expect”. In Moscow, by contrast, called this act the Ukrainian diplomat is quite predictable.

“Michael müller believed the most important thing to pay tribute to the memory of the Russian, Ukrainian and Belarusian soldiers of the red Army that took Berlin” – said the official representative of the mayor in response to the request.

“the Fact that an invitation may cause the dissatisfaction of one of the recipients, in the office of the Senate in the planning of this event clearly did not consider”, – the newspaper notes. The Ukrainian diplomat said bluntly that he would not lay flowers together with the Russian Ambassador. Earlier, he demanded that the Berlin authorities to put “in a conspicuous place” a monument to Ukrainian victims of national socialism. The fact that such a separate memorial in the German capital there is, the diplomat called “a disgrace”. According to Sergey Nechayev, the decision of the Ukrainian colleagues should remain “on his conscience”.

“Someone was expecting?” – wrote in his Twitter, the Senator Alexei Pushkov, calling the move the head of the Ukrainian Embassy in Berlin “another demonstration of the hate from the top of Kiev”.