The ninetieth floor of the tower "East" high-rise complex "Federation" in "Moscow city" was sold for 1.1 billion rubles, which is the largest retail transaction for location of MIBC in 2020, told RIA real Estate source close to the deal.

"Tower "Federation" in the near future will completely close the deal," he said.

According to the interlocutor of the Agency, the lot consists of seven apartments, has a ceiling height of 5.5 meters, the height of the Windows in 5 meters and 360 degrees.

The purchaser was not disclosed, but according to the source Agency, the target destination, he examines the field of leisure and recreation.

Previously, the tower "Federation" has positioned the 90th floor "East" as a space for the organization and conduct of official and business meetings, fashion and private events, corporate events and conferences, exhibitions and concerts, photographs, videos and many other event formats. Now on the official website of the project "332 in Moscow," said he, "planning and ended up".

According to the Director of the Department of urban real estate at Knight Frank Andrey Solovyov, selling space "332 over Moscow" is a significant deal, since a very long time this object was one of the most expensive not only in "Moscow city", but in the entire city.

"Many speculated beneath that will be used this three-level apartment: for a restaurant, under the event area or as a VIP lounge of some Chinese oil companies. As we understand it now, the transaction took place, and it is significant and noticeable for the city," he stressed.