In Moscow because of the pandemic dropped the price of rental housing

Rates for rental housing in Moscow is gradually declining: “odnushki” in the past three weeks has fallen in price on 5,9%, “kopeck piece” – on 7%, and “treshki” – 7.9%.

According to the portal “World apartments”, for a rented Studio apartment now being asked about 39 thousand rubles per month. One bedroom will cost 48 thousand, two – bedroom-55 thousand. Most notably, the prices have gone down in areas Kosino-Ukhtomsky (13.7%), Lublin (11.5%), the East (11.8%), Kotlovka (11.2%) and Printers (10.9%). But in Yasenevo, Chertanovo Central and Golovinskiy district, the rent remains the same.

– Mode-isolation and economic turmoil has strongly affected the rental market. Demand has declined as some tenants went back to the regions, other tenants because of loss of income was forced to move in with relatives, – said the General Director of the portal Pavel Lutsenko. Accordingly, the offer has increased: increased apartment previously to give up short-term and daily. Balance was off, so prices came down.

a Similar situation exists in the suburbs. Rents in the region fell by 6.8 percent. Most significantly prices fell in Krasnogorsk, Mytishchi and Khimki.