In Moscow announced the nominees for the award

So, to the delight of the film community, it became known that the Council of the Academy decided the prize of “Honor and dignity” to the name of Eldar Ryazanov to give the writer, the Director and producer Rustam Ibrahimbayov. The film critic Elena Stishova award “For contribution to cinematographic science, criticism and education”. A special prize will be given to the Director Boris Khlebnikov for the series “Storm”. The prize is given for creative achievement in the art of the TV movie. And, finally, the unconditional return will get the actress Yulia Snigir, which played a role in the TV series “New Dad” Paolo Sorrentino, like this was born. Honoring for it.

In General, if you look at the shortlist, it’s worth noting that “nick” this year is very different from “the Golden eagle”. The film, which is a favorite among members of both academies is the “Odessa” Valery Todorovsky. To “nick” his 4 nominations.

Photo: Cosmopol-Film Iranian drama “Here no evil” won the “Golden bear”

the Leader on number of nominations to receive the statues of the winged goddess – a film “French” Andrei Smirnov – he appears in the short list 9 times. 8 nominations – the “Lofty” Cantemir Balagova, 5 – u “Aiki” Sergei dvortsevoi. In addition to the “Odessa” for 4 nominations at the pictures “Boy Russian” Alexander Zolotukhin and “Sin” by Andrei Konchalovsky. Three nominations in the tape, Yusuf razykova “Kerosene”, and two bold strips, Nigina sayfullaeva the “Loyalty” and philosophical works of Svetlana Proskurina “Sunday”.

Now consider the leading category exactly. The title of “Best feature film” expect five cardsin. “French”, “IKE”, “Sin”, “Tall girl” and “Odessa”. The best directorial work may be deemed the one that did Andrei Smirnov, Cantemir of Blagov, Sergey Dvortsevoy – choose easy. Dvortsevoy and Smirnov (as well as Gennady Ostrovsky, who wrote co-authored the script of “Aiki”) appear in the nomination “the Best scenario work” together with Dmitry Glukhovsky – he is nominated for the film “Text” and Yusuf by Razykov film “Kerosene”.

awards for the best cinematography can be awarded to Ksenia Sereda (“Cornstalk”), Alexander Simonov (“Sin”) and Ayrat of amilov (“Russian Boy”). As you can see from the lists between competing movies, famous not only in Russia but also in many foreign film festivals, which can not but rejoice.

Alexei Agranovich, who played a Soviet satirist in the movie “Comedian” worthy “Nika” for best actor no less than Alexei Vertkov for his work in the film “Sunday”. With them in the nomination also Leonid Yarmolnik, enthusiastically plays the role of the father in the movie “Odessa” in Alexander and PAL, were not frightened of explicit scenes in “Fidelity”. Who would you prefer academics in this and other nominations will be known on March 29, when there will be a ceremony of awarding the winners of the “Nicky”. Breathlessly will follow the Amateur and professional world of cinema and for those who will get the prize for best female role. Her claim to Samal Eslyamova (“IKE”) – recall that she received for this role award in Cannes, Victoria Miroshnichenko (“Cornstalk”) and Elena Susanina (“Kerosene”). And these Actresses in the Bank, the major international prizes for this work.

two amazing artist from the movie “the Frenchman” – Alexander Baluev Mikhail Efremov – in the category “Best male role of the second plan”. Also EVGa Protocol Tsyganov, demonstrated the bright work in the film “Odessa”.

Vera Alentova, who played a memorable role in the film “Sunday,” Nina Drobysheva – in “French” and Natalia Tenyakova – it – can become the owner “Niki” for best actress the second plan. We can assume that this nomination will be awarded not one, but two prizes, so how to choose seems incredible.

Photo: Nikolay Galkin / TASS Yegor Konchalovsky: I, too, was a major

a New trend in “Nike” is the fact that in the nominations featured a film shot on an iPhone. Talking about the picture of Boris gutsa “the Death of us to face.” Guts – in the nomination “Best film editor”. With him Vadim Krasnitsky – (“Fidelity”) and Peter Markovich (“IKE”).

it is Difficult to imagine how can not win as best animated film, “He can’t live without cosmos” Constantine Bronzino when he claimed the “Oscar”. But our land is rich in talents. There is also “Ties” Dina Velikovsky, and “Mistress of copper mountain” by Dmitry Geller in the list. All of this work that deserve attention.

the full list of nominees can be found on the website of the Academy. But it should be noted that the list of “Nicknames” looks like this year is very good, which gives reason for pride for those who are serious about their work – to take a good and honest movie.