In Moscow announced new benefits for shopping centers

business and Shopping centers of Moscow will receive grants if the owners of the commercial sites will make a discount for tenants. The amount of funds allocated by the city authorities in new benefits, $ 13.2 billion. This is stated on the website of the mayor of the capital.

Announced that the money will be used to repay property taxes and land payments. As said the Deputy mayor of Moscow Vladimir Yefimov, to receive a grant, you must reduce the rent to double the amount of compensation, but not less than 50 percent of the original bid.

In the mayor’s office said that the owners of commercial property, not rent it, and independently used as a shopping, commercial outlets and hotels will be compensated at 50 percent of the property tax and land payments for the entire period of suspension of work of the organization.

Also the owners of commercial properties was extended until 31 December this year, the deadline for payment of advance payments for the second quarter of 2020 for the property tax and land tax.