Monte Brè, a picturesque location above Locarno, the fight of the residents against a new luxury hotel. While the real estate company Augur Invest not once the planning application has been made, threatening the prestige of the project now.

The valves which are in dispute: The real estate company from Pfäffikon SZ wants to redevelop for years-vacant Hotel. The local residents organize a citizens ‘ group, the resistance against the tourism project. The city Council is trying to make both parties well. The CH Media reported on Monday.

luxury hotel or family hostel?

Retreat to be built: The “Lago Maggiore: Hotel, Spa & Residences”. But what started out as a Resort for the super, now, a “sustainable well – being centre with Spa” – not only for hotel guests but also for external visitors. On an area of 15 hectares, a Hotel with 24 rooms. Next to it, the owner of the Apartments wants to set up with access to the Hotel services. In terms of area, the project is planned to be only a third as large as at the beginning.

Augur Invest effort to make the project for the local residents as attractive as possible. The respect of the environment and sustainability is emphasized on the website of the real estate company. The construction should, whenever possible, only local companies and workers. The chief Augur, Invest writes in the media communication, how much he treasures the support of the local population.

residents at the barricades

However, not everything is rosy: The Augur Invest has long informed correctly. Recently, the company has sent the first media release. Also summoned local support is hardly noticeable. The biggest sticking point, however, are the planned Apartments. Because so far, the real estate company did not state the exact number.

On the citizen side, the preparations are in full swing and has been for quite some time. Already when the first brochures about the luxury hotel in the Internet course, the citizens group “Save the Monte Brè” is formed. The President, Marco Ricca, says to “CH Media”, the construction project was a”Pharaoh playful Speculation that must be stopped”.

Political end for the project?

The political leadership is just trying to make it all right. No application for planning permission is made, but basically, the city Council is open-minded, as long as the project is importing blend in with the surroundings. However, this positive attitude means little. This is because the local government needs to decide on a municipal Initiative. This provides the zone plan, so that large-scale projects at the municipal ground are not possible.

The real estate company is currently seeking undeterred, investors for the future Hotel. The Zurich luxury hotel Dolder, as well as in Cannes met, according to the “CH Media”, representatives of the Augur Invest with interested investors. Whether the ambitious project, however, comes into existence, will probably decide on the political path.