In Minsk started detention. The police began to pull apart the paddy the queue that lined up in front of the CEC.

a Queue formed in front of the government, which is including the CEC of Belarus, earlier in the day. People came to file a complaint against the refusal to register the Victor Babariko and Valery Tsepkalo. By evening this human chain stretched for a mile. Police urged people to disperse, but they responded. After 19 hours, when the election Commission stopped the work, the soldiers of internal troops blocked the street and began systematically to shove people in the paddy wagons. Police blocked the Independence Avenue, and loyalty to several metro stations.

In social networks people post eyewitness: near hotel Minsk “tied” cyclist who was just passing by. Riot policemen tried to detain an elderly woman on a bench near the fountain and waited for her friend and refused to leave the square. She shamed them, “I could be your mother”. Then the young Policemen turned and walked away. Some people from the queue after the closing of the CEC went to station square to send a complaint to the election Commission from the post office. The post office just in case, closed today an hour early. Now the Independence Avenue is blocked by chains of Riot police in masks. The hotel “Minsk”, designed for foreign tourists, in the triple ring. Local media reported that already managed to detain two journalists – the correspondent of “Radio Liberty” Anton Trofimovich and violet Shavlego.

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