In the Belarus capital near the metro station “Pushkinskaya” is thousands protest in memory of Alexander Trajkovska — of the deceased party protests. People honored his memory with a minute of silence, cars in the time it ceased beeping, and the participants raised their fists up. Action in memory of the deceased Alexander Tarnovskogo with height.На the place of death of protester people lay flowers. According to TASS, now there is a mountain of flowers in human growth. According to estimates on the protest by several thousand people. Their number continues to grow.Pushkin nowНапомним according to the interior Ministry of Belarus, Alexander Trajkovski died because of the explosion device in his hand. Authorities claim that he was going to leave him in the direction of law enforcement officers. Also during the protests killed Alexander the Tuft. He became ill in the police car — he was suffering from heart failure. The mother claims that he was not involved in the action, and went to the girl.Minsk, metro Pushkinskaya. The guy stepped into the road and spray paints a number 3.В Belarus since the presidential elections of 9 August did not stop the protests do not agree with their results. The first demonstrations were accompanied by clashes with law enforcement. Was arrested about 6, 7 thousand people, aware 2 thousand released. Affected more than 600 people.Read more about the protests — in the material “Kommersant” “Posable ass”.