The protesters gathered a few hours ago at the government House in Minsk, began to disperse. The exact number of participants of spontaneous meeting is unknown. The media report about a few thousand who came. The police and military did not interfere with the audience. Protesters disperse from Independence square, war in the horn asks to leave the order, and the people shouting “Every day!”.На Independence square in front of government House, the protesters spread a long white ribbon. The monument at government House hung up the poster “Tikhanovski — President and Supreme commander of the Republic of Belarus”. Some came were demanding to speak with the authorities: the Prime Minister and mayor of Minsk. The rally ended with applause from the protesters. Leaving the square, the protesters announced their intention to come here every day. After the rally the security forces also left the area. Read deletemessage protests also took place in Grodno, Bobruisk, Brest, Lida, and Mogilev, Gomel. Some of the action gathered several thousand people. Arrests in those cities either. In addition, several plants in Belarus has announced the beginning of the strike. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko today, August 14, urged the protesters to disperse and give the authorities time to “restore order”. The organizers of the protests, the head of state once again called the forces from abroad.About protests in Belarus — in the material “Kommersant” “Posable ass”.