This species of birds, more than 40 percent of the population, which breeds in Belarus, according to the national public organization for the study and conservation of wild birds and natural ecosystems APB, “is threatened with global extinction”.

And now Ptah, who 22 years ago became a symbol of a social movement, decorated commemorative coins. On their reverse is a rare Orchid – lady’s slipper. She, like the main character, is a remarkable view of the reserve “Zvanets”. By the way, this is the seventh coin from the series “wildlife Sanctuaries of Belarus”.

Silver coin mintage 999 pieces, said the Agency has a nominal value of 20 Belarusian rubles and weighs of 33.63 grams. A copper-Nickel coin one ruble (about 30 Russian rubles at the exchange rate) has a circulation of nearly two thousand pieces. They are all minted by “the Kazakhstan mint of NB RK”, Ust-Kamenogorsk and has already been delivered to Belarus.

it Remains to add that APB “APB-BirdLife Belarus” is the largest environmental public organization of Belarus that fifteen years is a partner of the global conservation Association BirdLife International, which includes partners from 121 countries.