In Mexico the coronavirus has infected the Federal Minister

The Ministry of public service of Mexico reported a positive result of the analysis for the new coronavirus of the head of Ministry Irma Sandoval.

"In strict accordance with medical recommendations, starting with the first symptoms, Secretary Sandoval Ballesteros isolated under constant medical supervision, continuing you to remotely monitor all matters within its jurisdiction", – said in a statement on the Ministry’s website.

According to the Agency, the analysis showed a positive result were fulfilled April 20. Three days before this the Minister participated in the meeting dedicated to the fight against corruption, with the Minister of Finance, the Ministry of culture and the Council for science and technology.

The Ministry notes that Sandoval feels fine, she has no severe symptoms of the disease. Sandoval is the first Minister in the Cabinet of President Lopez Obrador, which was diagnosed COVID-19.

According to the latest information of Ministry of health of Mexico, the number of cases of infection with coronavirus in the country has reached 14 667 (+825 per day), and he died in 1351 patients with COVID-19 (46 per day).

The first official case of infection with the novel coronavirus was identified in Mexico on February 28. Quarantine measures in the country will be in effect until may 30, with the gradual lifting in the least affected regions, starting from may 18.

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