In Mexico criminals are distributing food to people

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador acknowledged the help of criminal organizations, and the citizens of the country. Such a statement he made during a press conference.

He noted that the actions of violators of the law don’t help people, reports TASS. Criminals should think about the fact that they cause suffering by their actions. According to him, they should stop the violence.

I take this opportunity to say to those who are in organizations that are engaged in illegal activity that I saw you distributed food packages, — said the politician.

Yesterday, the newspaper El Universal reported that drug cartels “Golfo” and “New generation Jalisco” handed out food to the population of several regions of Mexico.

Earlier wrote that the coronavirus was more successful fighter against drugs than all the world’s law enforcement combined. Measures against COVID-19 significantly reduced the amount of traffic from Mexico to the United States and increased the price of synthetic drugs, as raw material for their manufacture was performed in the laboratory of Wuhan, closed in connection with the coronavirus. Mexican drug cartels are forced to switch to import substitution and to develop new markets.