Prime Minister of Victoria, Daniel Andrews said that the restrictions came into force Sunday at 18 o’clock local time (11 GMT). According to him, restrictive measures of insulation, introduced in July in Victoria, the second most populous state in Australia, it worked, but “too slow and neefektivno”. “We must do more. We had to work harder,” explained Andrews at a press conference.

Under the new rules, residents of the state capital Melbourne should not leave their homes from 22 to 5 hours except in cases of emergency (hospitalization, death of relatives, caring for them). In General, notes 9 News, the authorities intend to significantly restrict the movement of residents within Melbourne and Victoria.

monitoring the implementation of the resolution rests with the police and the military. The security forces were given additional powers, and the government can suspend a variety of bills, Parliament of Victoria. Residents of the state will also be forbidden to travel for a distance more than five miles from home, and only one family member can visit the shops to purchase Essentials once a day. Restrictive measures, including a curfew will be in effect in the state at least until September 13.

For the first three months of the pandemic in Australia was significantly less cases COVID-19 than in many other countries: about 17 000 cases and 200 deaths. However, after a significant easing of restrictive measures at the end of June just two weeks in a Deluxe hotel in Melbourne where you prefer to stay wealthy foreigners, there was an outbreak of the disease. On Sunday, the state reported 671 new case of coronavirus and seven deaths in 24 hours.