against the background of a pandemic of mers and more than three months in force in Spain of quarantine, during which most people were forced to stay at home, in the country were very popular as home parties. In Madrid, the number has grown more than 1200% compared to conventional indicators, reports El Mundo, citing the Association of entrepreneurs in the field of night life in the capital region.

If before the young people gathered at someone’s apartment on Friday evening or Saturday, now this could happen any day of the week. While acting quarantine and forbidden to gather in large groups, police tried to track down these parties and to penalize violators. Now she goes to the place only if complaints from neighbors. And it is not only noise, but also the fact that there is a danger of the spread of coronavirus, according to local media.

the Situation was to change after the government gave the nod to the resumption of Nightclubs, but the latter actually turned into bars, because visitors are forbidden to dance.

it is Worth noting that in Spain a party in the apartment can be reached quite easily: just need to know one of the owners or already present guests. In this case the owners only provide the room, drinks and snacks everyone brings with them.