In Kostroma told how to extend the life of medical masks

Prolong the life of medical masks learned in Kostroma. Pupils Kostroma Park “Kvantorium” issued “educational program”, betrays GTRK “Kostroma”.

biquantum Students and their mentors propose to do so: on the inside already “served” means of protection, you need to place the filter, the porosity of which is less than that of the mask itself. And to achieve antimicrobial effect to the outside “Mask 2.0” you need to add a few drops of essential oil. What exactly – depends on personal preferences.

the Most effective along with the anti-virus filter Kvantorium called oil of balm, peppermint, ylang-Ilan and geranium. In the case of the onset of symptoms protivopokazanie oil you can substitute tea tree, clove or cinnamon. How does the mask after this “upgrade” can be viewed in a special video.

Text: GTRK “Kostroma”