Representatives of several nationalist organizations, banned in Russia, held in Kharkov picket at a building of office of party "Opposition platform For life", in which burned a Russian flag. As reported by the local newspaper only in the rally on Thursday was attended by about 200 people representing right-wing parties "national body", "Right sector" (both banned in Russia) and the right-wing organization "Ruthless".

"Activists plastered the building with Patriotic stickers and revealing burned a Russian flag", – told the publication. The radicals accused opsi in the "discrediting of the Ukrainian" and undermining the country’s sovereignty. These charges were voiced in the address of the party Ukrainian blogger Anatoly Sharia.

"We are the Ukrainian nationalists and war veterans, the statement "National body" – will do all we can to counter threats to national security, even if I have to deal with the resource from the enemy and weak and corrupt government of [President Vladimir] Zelensky".

The participants of the picket was established on the city’s waterfront prop "hangman", which was "executed" figure with a pink balloon. This color symbolizes party symbols "of the Party of Sharia". The day before was brutally beaten by one of the representatives of this party, currently he is in the hospital.

Previously, the radicals repeatedly attacked the offices opsi across the country. On 23 may, the members of the "National body" attacked the office of the head of the political Council of the party of Viktor Medvedchuk in the center of Kiev. The protesters, shouting nationalist slogans, throwing flares and smoke bombs into the Windows, used firecrackers and doused the building with paint. Such they demanded to cancel the party’s registration and to initiate criminal proceedings against its leaders for "treason".

In turn opsi called the attack of radicals attempt of intimidation and revenge for the principled position of the party in the implementation of the Minsk agreements, the establishment of peace in Donbas, and about the external management of Ukraine from the United States.