First, the woman was placed in a special box in the infectious disease Department for a complete individual isolation.

– All contact citizens for coronavirus examined and isolated, – says Olena Vasylkivska, Deputy Director of obstetrics and gynecology, EDB. – Immediately after birth the child was separated from its mother for epidemiological indications, surveyed and the entire quarantine period under the supervision of neonatologists and paediatric services. The health of the young mothers were under the control of the physicians and experts of the perinatal center.

All this time for the patient and baby survived not only relatives, but also doctors. Never before has humanity faced with COVID-19, and because during pregnancy and childbirth could be the most unpredictable situation. No one today knows how to behave in the infection in life.

fortunately, nothing happened, the boy was born healthy, his weight is 3300. He is the family’s first child.

However, as the doctors say, had to resort to caesarean section. But they emphasize that it is in any case not connected with coronavirus, cesarean section was performed the woman solely on obstetric indications.

Now the mother with the baby was discharged after completion of the quarantine period and after you have received three negative results of surveys on coronavirus. Despite the fact that there were no signs of the disease have not been identified and their health continues to closely monitor the doctors.

Note: today in Ugra under the care of doctors is still a few pregnant women with confirmed COVID-19. At the same time, pokercheat doctors, high level of medicine in the region allows us to hope that the delivery and they will be successful.

Karanakova Ludmila, chief expert on infectious diseases KHMAO-Yugry:

– of Great importance pregnancy: in the early stages of the coronavirus can cause complications up to the abortion. Can occur fetal chromosomal abnormalities. If the infected woman is forced to take medication, there is a risk of toxic effects on the embryo. Everything on pregnancy and childbirth is greatly influenced by comorbidities women. So, labor can seriously complicate disease of the lungs, heart, blood vessels. All this confirms the necessity of observance of measures of extreme precaution. And pregnant women and their families – especially. Note: in Yugra all pregnant women at 37 weeks are sure to pass the test for the coronavirus.