Members of Search Association “Aviapoisk” Primorsky regional branch of “Search movement of Russia” the collapse of the Soviet SB bomber in the Khabarovsk territory.

the Accident occurred on 17 July 1943. The two aircraft collided from the SB 2 AE 48 ZAP force of DVF, which performed an individual night flight from Kodan – Litovko – Kodan.

One of them, managed by Lieutenant Vasily Krivko, fell near the railway station Shelgon and burned. On Board were the second pilot Muhamet Khakimov, Navigator Ivan Solutions and gunner Ryabov (name and surname not established). This bomber fell into the impenetrable swamps in the lake Bolon’.

Searchers have studied a lot of documents and localized the impact area. With the help of caring residents of the village of Dzhuen got there at two all-terrain vehicles.

“as a result of the field work had been cleared from the crater of the crash, which showed two bow machine guns ShKAS, one of the motors M-100АУ, landing gear, pieces of the wings and the sole from the boot”, – is reported on the page “Aviapoisk” in social networks.

Around the crater were scattered in the tail, fragments of the cockpit, pilot seat with a divided back and part of the fuselage. At the crash site and a memorial plaque.