In Khabarovsk, a Bank employee gave back the robber

In the Khabarovsk Bank employee fought back a robber. As informs GTRK “far East”, the incident occurred in the premises of one of the branches of a financial institution. Breaking into the Bank, the thief demanded money. He was armed: in one hand, knife in the other — a bottle with an incendiary mix.

Details said a senior expert of group in communications with mass-media UMVD of Russia Kirill Blinov. One of the Bank employees was taken aback and tried to stop the robber. The robber resisted. As a result, the woman suffered: raider sprayed the employee with fluid and caused her cuts with a knife.

the Man managed to escape, but without extraction. Now the investigation team carried out the operation on search of the criminal. A brave Bank clerk received medical treatment.

Text: GTRK “Dalnevostochnaya”