A human rights activist from Kazakhstan Ermek taychibekov reported that the country is obvious Russophobic campaign. According to experts, Russians in Kazakhstan are trying to force to abandon the language and culture.

“In Kazakhstan at the state level there is a purposeful work on destruction of Russian influence, the influence of Russian culture, including Russian language – expressed his opinion that the human rights and Russophile. As the media began outrage such a policy, in 2020 Kazakhstan at the highest level took a decision to establish Russophobic sentiments hands of Russians”,– quotes Cicibela “Constantinople”.

According to human rights, among the four million Russians living in Kazakhstan, you can always find those who are willing to pursue such a policy because of past problems with the law or the desire to keep the position.

According to media reports in Kazakhstan is collecting signatures for a petition on depriving the Russian language the status of ethnic. Despite the fact that according to expert estimates, the Russian language in the country is owned 98% of the population, whereas kazahskom – not more than 30%.