as a result of the disaster suffered the roofs of houses, cars and crop

June 14 in Sochi the village of Zelenchukskaya Karachay-Cherkessia was a strong storm with rain, squally winds and giant hail.

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In the pictures, which the locals published in social networks, you can see that the hail diameter reached 10 cm and the size was similar to a tennis ball.

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Huge hail severely damaged the roof of hospitals and schools, as well as about 100 private homes. Was broken and several cars, reports press service GU Ministry of emergency situations of Russia in the Republic.

heavy rain and hail went to art Kardonikskaya in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic. Affected the roofs of houses, crops and cars. @adminkardoniksp @administratsiiazelenchuks #hail #rain #Sochi #sardonic #karachaevocherkesia

by the Way, a powerful hail passed, and in Mordovia. Krasnoslobodsk a few minutes turned completely white and almost winter city.

Recall that giant hail in June fell to several Russian regions.