The 29-year-old defendant had admitted on Thursday in front of the court in Christchurch the 51 murders and 40 attempted murders, told the new Zealand police. In June, the Australian racist, had declared to be in all counts innocent.

On the 15. March 2019, the offender had killed in two mosques in 51 people and dozens more injured. The attack, he transferred by helmet camera live on the Internet. Before the bloodbath, he had a polemic with racist slogans into the net. Accused him of terrorism. Currently, the man is sitting in a prison in Auckland, more than 1000 kilometres North of Christchurch.

“Oh, ok, Yes, guilty”

The appointment is before the court on Thursday was spontaneous has been scheduled. The defendant has been switched on via Video. According to media reports, the names of all the 51 Killed, read to him, before he was asked for his debt. “Oh, ok, Yes, guilty,” he said, Reports local media said.

The man to 1. In may 2020, will be taken into custody. According to the police, no judgment is to be spoken, as long as not all of the Survivors of the tragedy, the wanted could be in the negotiations. That’s not going to be because of the Coronavirus pandemic, a longer period of time possible.

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