traffic on the four-lane section from Moscow to Simferopol will open on July 20. About this informed the press-Secretary of construction management “WAD” on the RK Grigory Nazarov.

now open the labor movement on four-track the route on a segment with a length of 155 kilometers from Kerch to Belogorsk. The Minister of transport of Russia Yevgeny Ditrikh, driving along the newly built highway from Sevastopol to Kerch, praised the line and approved the opening of four lanes of the highway from Kerch to Belogorsk.

– launch of the four-lane site will increase road safety and reduce travel time, – said Dietrich. – It is of great importance for the Crimea, given the start on the Peninsula of the holiday season.

In the outdoor area the maximum speed of traffic has increased to 90 miles per hour (with the exception of the four areas where there are temporary traffic light control).

– In villages Ponds, Grain, Nekrasovka and the Vasil’evka continuing the construction of overhead pedestrian crossings, so the people cross the track at ground crossings with traffic lights – explained in the construction management of the “WAD” in the Crimea. In this regard, the speed of traffic on these areas until you will be 70 kilometers per hour.