In jail for the butt

in addition, according to the emergency Department for admitted the offence to administrative responsibility attracted more than 250 legal entities and nearly 750 officials of local governments, as well as more than 7 thousand citizens. All of these measures taken in connection with the serious fire situation, which continues to worsen with each passing day.

as of Wednesday, a special fire mode was introduced on the territory 61 of the subject and in over a thousand municipalities. The increase in the number of fires is 13 percent, and in some regions this indicator has exceeded twice last year’s level.

the Causes of fires are mostly man-made. Therefore, to increase the quality of the investigation, establish the cause and identify the perpetrators of the fires, the MOE increased the number of bodies of inquiry by nearly 380 people.

Arsonists shines not only administrative, but also criminal liability of up to three years. The answer will be both ordinary citizens and legal entities.

a Typical case occurred recently in the village Stankostroitel Nizhny Novgorod region. There 76-year-old Gennady Popov decided to burn dry grass near his house. When the wind carried the burning buildings fell on, I couldn’t do anything. In the result, they burned his barn and nearby homes.

– Uncle Gene, you left us with nothing. We were homeless, and were able to tell the old man neighbor.

‘Yes, I understand,’ replied the grandfather, averting his eyes.

the Neighbors know it and im sorry its a feeble old man, but what they should do and that he now take? Nothing. The civil suit against him can apply, but it will do nothing. And any prison term it will probably a lifetime.

Barely in this story go through one of the channels, as April 15, a similar incident was repeated again, only this time in Sasovo district, Ryazan region.

As the Chairman of the dacha community Tatiana Peryshkina, the culprit of the fire was 76-year-old Sasova that in a strong wind burned trash in a barrel. The wind spread the fire to buildings, and then moved to neighboring buildings.

the fire came To the 25 firefighters on eight machines. Volunteer fire brigade Berezhanskaja rural settlement with the head of administration Victor by Lukanidin arrived on the scene first.

They were the first recorded the fact that the 76-year-old single pensioner decided to burn trash in a barrel and also because of their age could not cope with a bloated wind flame. In the result, they burned 4 houses and 20 outbuildings.

However, before judging the guilty, we must find them. In some places, such as near settlements, it’s easy to do, and everyone there knows each other. Well, in sparsely populated areas the Department has created over 450 lyingtary fire stations and more than 2 thousand mobile mobile groups. They will cover the most vulnerable areas.

These measures started to bear fruit. On Wednesday, the emergencies Ministry reported on the rapid elimination of one natural fire in the Krasnoyarsk region. At the remote duty reported the fire in the grass in the area of the settlement Dolinovka Abansky district. The place immediately arrived firefighters calculations.

When they arrived, they determined that burning 5 non-residential buildings, the fire which spread from a nearby burning burning the grass.

the village is home To 41 people, 39 residential homes. Due to the fact that the firefighters arrived in time, they managed to defend from the fire. As noted in the MOE, more than 60 percent of all reported fires occurred this year in open territories.

Victoria Abramchenko, the Deputy Prime Minister:

“By results of checks of the Federal forestry Agency for the fire season 14 regions received a rating of “partially ready.” But in some regions, which confirmed their readiness for the fire season, the situation is not the best way, but somewhere close to an emergency”.

on Wednesday In Kemerovo region, the authorities introduced special fire-prevention mode, toughening the responsibility for violating safety rules (penalties for violations are doubled). A day earlier began to operate emergency mode in two cities in the region, where the burning coal dumps.

Used rock burn in the village of Apanas in Novokuznetsk district (a legacy of the closed coal mine), as well as in the development of surface mining abandoned mines in the Kiselevsk city. The experts examined the blade under the Novokuznetsk, and found that the fire area was not less than twenty acres. And the temperature at the meter depth – from three hundred degrees and above. Locals worry: if you do not to repay these centers, against the background of steady, dry and windy weather they can cause emergency. Today the plan of measures on liquidation of fires is determined by the amount of work, building access roads and platforms for equipment, and also organized the monitoring of air quality. Moreover, it is planned to prepare temporary accommodation facilities for people. By the way, the rescue Department started to use in the special application “hot spots”, which allows data to be transmitted from the space satellite to your smartphone or computer to determine the exact location and extent of fire. The application is armed with a single dispatch services of each municipality.

the Survey of the territory to draft a liquidation works in the area of dump of former mine “Krasny Kuzbass” in Kiselevsk has already begun. Residential homein the vicinity of this “hot spot” there. However, the citizens believe that we need to pay attention to the area of former mine “Kiselevskaya”. “RG” in the past year, repeatedly wrote about the “geysers” on the street Greenhouse, approaching residential areas. The audit showed that the earth doesn’t burn coal and dump. But in the end the house into life-threatening territory the authorities have promised to resettle. But people are still waiting.


Two unmanned aerial vehicles Zala of the concern “Kalashnikov” is now in control of the territory of the national Park “Land of leopard”, where forests are inhabited by red book cat. Their main task is to track the fire and to identify the arsonists.

the Drones belong KGBU “Maritime base aircraft, ground-based forest protection,” and ANO “far Eastern leopards”, who oversees the parks, has signed an agreement with him under which drones will monitor the area during the fire season 2020. Cars flying at altitudes up to three kilometers, it is impossible to hear or see with the naked eye. The drone, equipped with a camera with a 60 times magnification, can see all the details. The battery allows it to run for about four hours, and during this time the machine manages to circumnavigate a large area. As a rule, it is sent to explore the most dangerous places, mainly border the national Park where most have fire. Data from the device in real time is transmitted in a mobile headquarters, and receiving them, the inspectors can quickly respond to the occurrence of flame at the borders of the national Park. By the way, the imagers mounted on UAVS allow to observe even at night and in poor visibility conditions.

According to the Director of the fgbi “Land of leopard” Viktor Bardyuk, fires pose a real threat to animals, including rare. “Positive expertise “Maritime base” in identifying fires and even arsonists have shown the effectiveness of this control fire situation,” – he said.

Since the beginning of the fire season the staff of “Land of the leopard” is already eliminated four of fire at the borders of the national Park. So, during a major fire last week in the Khasan district of Primorye, bordering the national Park, burnt 2000 hectares of fields, while within the “Land of the leopard” the flames managed to hurt only 120 hectares have Already established that the cause of the fire was arson from the side of the road.

According to the Eastern military district, to monitoring wildfires in Buryatia began the calculations of the military drones. They fly day and night – at least ten hours a day over the most dangerous areas. The UAV is equipped with infrared cameras that allows you to define up to me even��a massive fire.