Italy will re-open for tourists in the coming days in the framework of a government plan for easing the restrictive measures imposed in the country on the background of the pandemic COVID-19 in March. However, while this will affect visitors from several European countries.

Because of limitations began to gradually weaken throughout Europe, the Italian government stated that in the middle of this week the citizens of some countries will be admitted to Italy without having to spend 14 days in mandatory isolation, according to Reuters news Agency.

to Visit the country will be able to accurately travelers from the UK, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, Andorra and Monaco, as well as member States of the EU and the Schengen zone.

According to the government decree on June 3rd will also be a renewed movement between areas of Italy.

in an effort to slow the spread of infection, Italy became the first country in Europe which has imposed severe nationwide restrictions in March. And only in early may, the Italian government embarked on a phased weakening of quarantine measures, when allowed to open some factories, factories, and urban parks.

however, some regions have called for a more rapid removal of restrictions, however, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte insisted on a gradual return to normal life because of the fears associated with the onset of the second wave of a dangerous virus.

Now, when the epidemiological situation in the country returned to normal, authorities have again ventured to the introduction of additional exemptions.

Now the Italians have the ability to move freely within their cities, meet with friends and relatives. However, if the number of cases will start to grow again, local authorities have the right to impose additional quarantine measures.

since 18 may hotels, hotels are allowed to resume their activities subject to the rules of social distancing in common areas and sanitary measures. On the same date, the country has again earned non-food shops, bars and restaurants.

Its doors reopened museums, libraries, and barbershops. Professional athletes are allowed to conduct group training. However, Serie a football will start on June 20. The school will not open until September.

Resumed mass in Catholic churches. However, the congregation must also be mindful of social distancing and wearing masks.

the country has again allowed a funeral with the participation of 15 people maximum, ideally outdoors

gyms, swimming pools and sports centers were opened may 25, and the operation of cinemas and theatres resumed from 15 June.

Further, restrictions on travel will take �� force only after the main national holiday – “Republic Day” on June 2. This is done in order to prevent any mass travel over the long holiday weekend.

in Addition, from 15 June, Italy is ready to host Russian tourists. This was during the online briefing, said the head of the Italian diplomatic mission in Moscow Pasquale Terracciano, reports TASS.

“We hope that on 15 June the borders are opened, — the Ambassador noted. I hope June 15, and the Russian government denied entry to the country.”

the Head of the diplomatic mission stressed that Italy has no plans to introduce additional restrictive measures for visitors. In particular, tourists will not have to provide any medical certificates. In addition, it will not change the procedure of obtaining visas.

to Ease quarantine measures continue and many other countries of Europe. In Germany, after a two-month hiatus resumed matches of the Bundesliga, and France has opened hundreds of beaches. Those wishing to swim in the sea was so full people had to stand for hours in queues in order not to violate social distance.

Some of its beaches was discovered and Greece. However, there the people must not forget about safety precautions. Authorities hope that a full-fledged tourist season opens in July.

Border controls between a weakened Germany, Austria and Switzerland. To open its borders to all comers of the country in summer.

the United Kingdom Authorities, despite the easing of the quarantine measures still urge people to think carefully before Hiking. The country has lifted restrictions on the movement, however, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland continue to recommend you to visit only when absolutely necessary.