The Mini-Bots are in Italy, everyone is talking about. No wonder, they promise, but the debt problems in the air dissolve. However, the parallel currency in Italy, could replace the Euro in the first place?

the ruling party, The Lega presented the Mini-Bots for the first time two years ago as a step to an Italian substitute currency for the day after the exit of Italy from the Euro. “Bot” (abbreviation of “Buono ordinario del Tesoro”, translated as “Treasury”) for government securities with a maturity of less than one year. The government should give out the Mini-Bots, in order to pay state bills.

Capped a parallel currency to the Euro.

Really flared up the topic of the Mini-Bots last month, after the house of representatives had adopted a Resolution for the Mini-Bots. Critics see it as a disguised parallel currency to the Euro.

Spicy seem to be a demand for the debt, because the European Central Bank President Mario Draghi demanded currently by Italy, the reduction of the debt. The output of the Mini-Bots sees Draghi as the government vouchers, which would only increase the mountain of debt only. Even if they were used as money, it would be for the ECB to be problematic. The issue of money in parallel to the Euro would be in breach of the certificate of birth of the Euro, the Treaty of Maastricht.

Design for Mini-Bots available

Despite the criticism from Brussels, the right-wing government party, the Lega calls for your boss Matteo Salvini, that such titles should be issued to pay outstanding state of supplier invoices. The volume of which is estimated at around 50 billion euros, or three percent of gross domestic product.

That Italy should pay to the public institutions the your payments are often months and years of time, the faster your bills, there is a large response. Tempting as the prospect that you can pay to the tax authorities their tax liabilities with Mini-Bots, for many Italians.

An Italian Designer has already Offered a Mini-note series, designed. In contrast, that the money circulate notes soon, fights in addition to Brussels, the Italian Ministry of Finance.

Perhaps only apparent debate

The Mini-boost Bot Fears and hopes. Perhaps the Lega has Offered the debate to the Mini only launched in to Brussels pressure to build up. This is so that you don’t seem to be at the end of the debt, but more budget space.

what is Clear is that the Mini-Bot fever could drive the confidence in Italy, undermines, and the interest on the debt further.