In Italy is running the marathon to raise funds for the fight against coronavirus

the death toll from the virus in the Apennines on the eve crossed the mark of 1 thousand people and infected more than 12 thousand people. Italian hospitals and the hospitals cannot cope with the flow of patients to doctors is sorely lacking equipment and protective equipment (masks, overalls).

Photo: AP Photo/Andrew Medichini the Ministry of health explained what to do flown from Italy

in order to support the country in this difficult moment created by Youtube channel #Italiachiamò in which more than 100 well-known representatives of the Italian world of culture, science, Economics and journalism to tell the first person, as Italy is experiencing the emergency.

the Project is supported by: government institutions (Ministry of culture of Italy), the Italian media (news Agency ANSA, an online platform, educational institutions (Roman universities, LUISS Business School, La Sapienza), communication Agency (Comin&Partners and Mirandola Comunicazione), and many others.

Funds raised during this charity event will go to the intensive care units, which in the last few weeks working on the verge of human capabilities.