For the last day in Italy from diseases caused by coronavirus infection has died 474 people, reports RIA Novosti. 21 April-the highest rate of mortality from COVID-19.

The name of the new method of transmission of coronavirus

According to the Agency, on or after may 1 in Italy, died at 205 less than a day later. The growing dynamics of mortality was recorded for the first time since April 21 when he died 534 people. During the entire period of the pandemic from COVID-19 Italy died 28 710 people from nearly 210 thousand infected. Almost 80 thousand patients were cured.

Earlier, as reported Rambler, Russia has moved to 7th place by the number of people infected with coronavirus infection. For the last days the growth of infected patients increased by 9.6 thousand people, which was a record at the time of the pandemic. At the present time in Russia was 124 thousand cases of infection, died of 1,2 thousand people.