Dr Boris Extreme, a child psychologist working in Jerusalem elementary schools, in an interview with “RG” noticed that without being close to adult children or older children, the learning process is impossible.

However, “take the child”, that is, to distract him from endless sitting in front of the TV really, if the proposed “udalenke” will be interesting or unusual on the subject and form of TV shows.

according to the newspaper “Haaretz”, the Israeli Association of psychologists criticized the decision of the Ministry of education concerning distance learning kids, regardless of whether they attend kindergarten or enrolled in Junior high school. According to these experts, the psychology of preschool and primary school children requires the immediate, and not to make an indirect communication.

“On distance” the teacher is not able to track the moments of concern of the student and quickly respond to them – according to these experts. – The lack of psychological comfort in young children renders meaningless any training.”

in early April against the closure of schools and kindergartens for quarantine was made by education Minister Rabbi Rafi Pepper, Brigadier General, former chief Rabbi of the IDF (Israel defense forces), the father of 12 children. According to him, the coronavirus does not apply in schools, and in the current situation there are no serious reasons to suspend classes there.

At the same time successful “udalenka” – entertaining, but not educational – it turned out the stories that Israeli President Reuven Rivlin with short breaks read online for little citizens of the country. After these transfers Rivlin became known as the “national grandfather.”

According to the agreement between the teachers Union and the Ministry of Finance, teachers working from home.

“it is Often more difficult than teaching in class,” – says the General Director of the Association (Union) teachers Yaffa Ben-David. Agree with her physics teacher at school level “Tikhon” (10-12 classes) in Rehovot, Yitzhak Harari. In his opinion, training in the “udalenka” “always difficult”. If the school offers such a path of acquiring a knowledge of the cycles of the natural and exact Sciences ordinary students, the Harari questioned the results.

In an interview with “RG” and he substantiated his opinion: “the Concentration of pupils of the senior classes, even with the passage of virtually all sections dissipates quickly if they have no sense of the presence of the teacher or other students. Distance learning students requires special techniques that are not yet worked out.”

And indeed, at the meeting of the parliamentary Committee on education, to discuss distance education, recognized the inefficiency of this method of teaching.

Several times brewsthe first word at this meeting, Yaffa Ben David protested representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of education who are willing to pay teachers lessons “at a distance” only at half the rate. And this despite the fact that at the end of may graduates late may start preparing for the exams for the “bagrut” (“matriculation”). In the summer it is planned to reduce home educators, because in July the students of secondary classes (7th to 9th) will require nine days of mandatory classes in school.

“Treasury is prepared to care about the employment contract, – stressed in his speech, the leader of the teachers Union – but we don’t work for free.”

given the fact that the General Federation of workers of Israel generally supports the requirements of teachers, in fact, Yaffa Ben-David has threatened Declaration of a General strike.

the views of parents were mixed. Elena Romanova, doctor of health insurance companies Maccabi in Jerusalem, believes that online lessons are better than no lessons at all. She believes that “teachers need to acquire experience in remote teaching in different age groups and to develop their own style, which, of course, will differ from learning within the classroom walls.”

the Husband of Helen, Michael, physical education teacher and karate coach, doubts that “udalenke will bring some stable knowledge of the student and will not degenerate into a caricature of the process of learning”. However, in his opinion, for students already identified with the profession, and in fact adults, giving lectures and consultations in a mode of videoconferences “quite acceptable”.

Professor of the Institute of science Chaim Weizmann in Rehovot Reuben Kupriyanov not only holds a videoconference with their students, but also advises graduate and doctoral students, citizens of other countries who, because of the pandemic coronavirus not have the opportunity to attend scientific adviser.

Based on my experience, Professor Kupriyanov expressed this view: “the Consulting model is successfully used in distance education in the higher school not only in the case of force majeure. However, in this version, it does not completely replace traditional lectures, seminars and exams”.

as for the schools, and especially kindergartens, the use of “udalenka” a process cannot be called.

Psychometric examinations for applicants in educational institutions, postponed because of the quarantine, scheduled to be held from 31 may to 4 June. Thus not violated the regulations of the Ministry of health on the number of people in the same classroom and distance between the examinee.