The arrest of one of leaders of the terrorist group ISIS* Abdel Nasser of Kardash will help identify the sources of its funding, said RIA Novosti the representative of the anti-terrorism service of Iraq, Sabah al-Numan.

According to the spokesman of the Ministry, Abdel Nasser Kardash is considered "one of the most dangerous military leaders in the terrorist group". He, according to al-Numan, also was one of the candidates for the post of leader of the organization.

"he was called the Professor, as he oversaw the manufacture of poisonous gases, he played an important role in the operations groups in Syria, in the battle for Bagus, and was also involved in other crimes in Mosul," – said the representative of the anti-terrorist service.

According to al-Numan, the arrest of Abdel Nasser of Kardash took place "in the coordination of the Iraqi intelligence service with the International coalition to combat ISIS*, in particular with the United States". Kardash at the time of capture, said the speaker of the Iraqi counterterrorism service, was in Syria.

"the Information he will tell you will help lead us to the sources of financing of the group, as well as on many other important information about other leaders and plans of the group in the near future", – said the spokesman of the antiterrorist service.

"According to the Iraqi intelligence services, now the leader of the terrorists of ISIS is Abu Ibrahim al-Hashimi al-Quraish, and his post can claim about five candidates," he added.

"the Capture of such an important member of the group very much weaken it. His arrest is a message of fear to other terrorists, they at any time can be in the hands of justice," said al-Numan.

Sabah al-Numan told that the main part remaining after Stripping of Mosul and adjacent to it settlements of terrorists hiding in the deserts and mountainous terrain in the Western and North-Western Iraq.

"In the coming days we have scheduled the unique operations in these areas to eliminate the remnants of the IG*" – said al-Numan.

The Iraqi national intelligence on Wednesday announced the arrest of one of the possible successors eliminated the leader of ISIS* Abdullah Kardash.

On the elimination of the former leader of ISIS in Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a special operation of U.S. special forces in Idlib province in Syria, announced in October 2019 American President Donald trump. He thanked Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq for help in the elimination of al-Baghdadi. Associated with the Islamist website reported that IG* has confirmed the elimination of their leader.

* A terrorist organization banned in Russia