IPhone users around the world complained about what is happening with some applications to malfunction. According to The Verge, the problem owners of devices running iOS are global in nature and could arise from Facebook.

Many iPhone users reported that they were not able to run applications such as TikTok, Spotify, Tinder, Viber, Pinterest, as well as the service “Yandex” and the AppStore. The programs work if the device is not connected to the Internet.

It is noted that the problem could arise because of the development kit software (SDK) Facebook, with which users can use the profile in social networks to login to other sites.

In Facebook reacted to the message that their software can be the cause of the problem and said that are investigating. Users of gadgets based on Android operating system did not have any difficulties running the application.

Earlier in June, crashing on users complained of WhatsApp messenger. Most of the problems in the program was due to the fact that it did not show the time of the last visit. Some users are unable to connect to WhatsApp or log in to your account.