A day after the supposed mega Zoff in Ibiza, the Geissens were spotted at a party in Club Lio. A photo shows Robert Geiss arm in arm with a strange woman. Wife Carmen is not in sight for miles

The blessing of the house is crooked at the Geissens. At least that’s what you might assume if you witnessed the huge argument between Robert and Carmen Geiss on Ibiza. Because there, according to eyewitnesses, the scraps flew.

As “bild.de” reported, the Geissens were actually on the Spanish island to celebrate, because daughter Shania passed her Abitur. In the posh hotel “Nobu” there is said to have been a violent argument between the couple on the balcony at night after the two had previously celebrated in the “Coco Beach” club.

But that’s not all, because as “bild.de” now reports, Robert Geiss was spotted with another woman – with an initially unknown beauty that he is holding in his arms.

The day after the big argument, according to eyewitnesses, Robert Geiss was seen with the singer Sandra Groove. In the VIP club “Lío” at the port of Ibiza, as one guest revealed: “They both took a picture and hugged afterwards.”

Will that lead to renewed Zoff with the Geissens?

You don’t have to expect that, because the eyewitness also explains that Carmen was standing right next to it and everyone “had fun”. The escalation from the day before seems to have been forgotten again and the glamor couple can enjoy their break in Ibiza.

The fact that the marriage of the TV millionaires is repeatedly accused of a crisis is not unusual for Carmen Geiss, as she revealed in the BUNTE interview in 2018. At the time, she said, “We’re separated at least once a month.” But she seems to take that with humor: “To be honest, I don’t know why people want to blame us for a marriage crisis. I find it ridiculous. But it seems to be a good seller. Recently it was Daniela Katzenberger and Lucas Cordalis – and not us. We were practically free of separation.”

The argument in Ibiza and the headlines about it should have caused Carmen Geiss to smile rather than frown, at least afterwards.

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