the cause of the first few months, the protests have become Beijing’s plans to adopt a law on national security in Hong Kong.

Hong KONG /XIANGGANG/, may 24. /TASS/. the Enhanced security measures taken on Sunday in Hong Kong, where the police stops the resumption of street protests. In particular, law enforcement officials fired tear gas to disperse groups of demonstrators in the district of Causeway Bay.

According to the correspondent of TASS, taken under the protection of government installations and offices of the office of the Central authorities of the PRC — these buildings are fenced six-foot plastic barriers filled with water. At key intersections visible patrols. They stop and check the machine, causing suspicion. On one of the streets on duty special vehicle with water cannons.

Earlier, hundreds of people from the young people tried to gather in the shopping district Causeway Bay in protest against Beijing’s plans to adopt a law on national security in Hong Kong is a special administrative region of the PRC. The demonstrators, in particular, criticized the Communist party of China. Police warned that the protesters engage in illegal Assembly and violating the rules of social distancing in a pandemic, forbidding them to gather in groups of more than eight people. Individual protesters began to throw in policemen everything that came his arm in response, police used tear gas.

In several districts violated the movement of transportation.

This is the first street demonstration in Hong Kong in recent months. Its members fear that the new law will infringe on the rights and freedoms of the local population, contrary to the formula of “one country, two systems” and to violate the autonomy of the district. The bill included in the agenda of session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives, held in Beijing. The demonstrators also criticized the plans adopted in Hong Kong law, respect for the national anthem of the PRC.

In June 2019 Hong Kong unrest began due intent of local authorities to adopt the draft law on extradition, which allows to give offenders mainland China. Despite the opinion of this legislative initiative, opposition supporters continued anti-government protests that lasted until mid-November and was accompanied by road closures, violence, arson and vandalism. In recent months the situation in the city remained calm.