From the first of June in Greece starts universal vaccination BCG (tuberculosis vaccine) for protection of inhabitants of the country from being infected with coronavirus. This measure was approved by the national medicines Agency.

According to Professor of pathology and of infections of the national University of Athens, Evangelos Amarellos when there is no specific vaccine, and to develop herd immunity by using vaccine that provides total protection, such as TB. It is noted that people who have passed BCG vaccination are five times lower risk of developing respiratory infections.

Before vaccination to all citizens of Greece will do the test for antibodies to the coronavirus, RIA Novosti reported, citing the portal Neakriti.

BCG is a vaccine against tuberculosis, created on the basis of a weakened strain of live bovine tuberculosis Bacillus. In some countries this inoculation do all children immediately after birth and persists throughout life. In Russia, BCG vaccination is mandatory.

Earlier in the “Central scientific-research Institute of organization and Informatization of health” of the Ministry of health have noted the role of the common in the Russian BCG vaccination. Some experts assess it as a factor that increases immunity against COVID-19.