He is known for always having a smile on his face. Be it on stage or on TV as the captain of the ZDF “Traumschiff”: Florian Silbereisen (41) has been riding the wave of success for a long time. The singer also keeps making headlines privately, most recently thanks to his surprise appearance alongside ex-girlfriend Helene Fischer (38).

However, Silbereisen is currently struggling with a sudden stroke of fate. As the “Bild” newspaper claims to have learned, his mother Helga (71) suffered a stroke. A severe shock for Florian Silbereisen, who has a close relationship with his mother. It was she who cheered for her youngest son from the audience at every live show so far. But now it is the 41-year-old who has to support his mother.

As reported by “Bild”, Helga Silbereisen is still in the intensive care unit of a Munich clinic, where she is to be monitored around the clock. According to a family insider, Florian immediately canceled his vacation after a call from his siblings and traveled to his mother. To this day, the hit star alternates with his four siblings to visit Helga in the clinic.

The reason: Concern about the 71-year-old is great. Even if her condition is now considered stable, the permanent consequences of the stroke are not yet foreseeable, according to “Bild”. However, one thing is certain: Florian Silbereisen will do everything to ensure that his mother recovers as quickly as possible.

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