Closed more than two years the Observatory in Gorky Park will not open this year. It is waiting for a comprehensive restoration, the first since the beginning of the construction of the building. As told “RG” in the Department of cultural heritage of Moscow approved the project of restoration work.

Astronomical pavilion was built in the years 1950-1957, and the work has been completed during the reconstruction of the Park. Two-storey brick building of the national Observatory is located near the main entrance arch at the address: ulitsa Krymskiy Val, 9, building 5.

It is a rotunda with two symmetrical staircases. The building covered with a dome, equipped with a rotating mechanism, and sliding doors. This is a model project of the Park observatories in the middle of the last century. The decoration of the facades of the Observatory is based on the combination of red and white flowers. Thus, the blades (vertical ridges on the wall-like columns without bases and capitals) and the dome belt painted white. The spaces between the blades lined with red brick and decorated with round Windows. The building will return to its historical appearance, inside it will update the floor coverings of wood and granite, and the walls will restore the plaster and paint layers.

“part of the load-bearing structures is in poor condition. This will be the first comprehensive restoration since the construction of the building, – said the head of Department Alexey Emelyanov. – In the pavilion will reinforce the brickwork and will restore the plaster layer of street stairways, stair railings and fencing, as well as the cashier window sash and the casing. Window frames and doors made of different materials, replaced with hardwood. Facades clean from dirt and dust, and then paint in red and white colors. And the dome will be treated with rust inhibitor”.

Recall that the closed Observatory in the late 1980-ies, more than 20 years, it was not functioning. Opened it in September 2012. There are installed two powerful telescope and automatic sliding dome. Here conducted tours in the warm season. However, due to the emergency condition of the ceilings more than six years, the pavilion is not working.