In Ghent at the passers-by with a knife attacked the woman

In the center of the Belgian city of Ghent on passers-by with a knife attacked the woman. She hurt two people. Nearby police opened fire the intruder, wounding him in the arm. Woman arrested, reports TASS.

the Attack occurred on Sunday, February 2, on the street Bevrijdingslaan, about 100 metres from the well-known Gent of al-Fatah.

Earlier, eyewitnesses said only that the assailant was black. One of the victims was wounded in the stomach, once in the arm. About their condition until nothing is reported.

currently, a significant portion of the street Bevrijdingslaan blocked on the spot deployed medical tent, where assistance to the victims.

Earlier on Sunday, unknown persons with a knife attacked passers-by in the area will Stream in the South of London, on the street Stretham high road. According to British media reports, the perpetrators were Islamist. He was eliminated by the police. For a person stabbed.

meanwhile, according to the ambulance service of London, to the hospital from the place of incident were taken of three people.

In place continue to work with police, doctors, emergency services, the scene cordoned off, RIA Novosti reported.