In Germany, the classes should be aired after each sneeze or cough of the student. In General, schools need to ventilate the room during a break after every 45 minutes of training. This is stated in the recommendations of the Commission of hygiene of the air in the premises of the Federal Ministry for environmental protection.

In the instructions it says that if “certain people experience symptoms such as repeated sneezing or coughing” must be provided “immediate ventilation”. This applies not only to classrooms, and offices and homes.

the Premises where sports events are held, should be aired more often. The Commission recommends doing this five times an hour or more. At home with visiting guests should also be more likely to ventilate the apartment.

Experts believe that fresh air is necessary regardless of other measures in the fight against the pandemic, such as social distance and a protective mask. Recommendations should help “significantly reduce the risk of infection.”

At the same time the ventilation system needs to be configured so that they bring fresh air into the premises and not added the exhaust air. In this regard, it is not recommended to install recirculation equipment. Experts also do not consider mobile cleaners suitable substitute for ventilation. Devices can only be used advanced.