In Germany, the police for the second day looking for an armed man hiding from the guards in the woods of the black forest (Baden-württemberg). His quest attracted the special forces and helicopters. What is happening, as the local media, very reminiscent of movies about Rambo.

the”Hero” of the new history became a Yves Rausch 31 years old. On Sunday morning the police Oppenau received a message about dressed in camouflage and armed with bow and arrows the man sitting near the hut to the North of the city. When the patrol came to check this info Rausch managed to disarm the four guards and hide in the woods, taking their service pistols.

As it became known to local media, Rausch is a German citizen with no permanent place of residence. The last time he lived in that cabin, near which were seen passing drivers. A homeless man repeatedly clashed with the police, including due to violations of the weapons act (according to the publication BILD, Rausch once worked for a security company).

his quest is being brought more than 100 agents, riot police, dogs and helicopters. The police blocked some roads, set up checkpoints and encourages drivers not to pick up hitchhikers, and ordinary citizens to stay at home until the end of the operation.