“no One shall be infringed or to obtain privileges on the basis of sex, origin, race, language, faith, religious or political views,” reads article 3 of the Basic law of the FRG. The wording adopted in 1949, until recently, did not bother anyone, however, the fraction of “Green” spotted it “linguistic racism”.

the Opposition supported the Minister of justice from the social Democrats Christine Lambrecht. According to her, the legislators after the war, chose expressions in the context of his time, but not all of them now seem appropriate. “There is only one race – the people,” says the party of Mrs. Lambrecht, member of the Bundestag from Senegal native karamba Diaby. At the same time, politicians were the defenders and the scientists of the University of Jena, recognize the pseudo-scientific term inherited from the colonial period.

meanwhile, the ruling CDU/CSU reacted to the idea with restraint. The leader of the conservatives Thorsten Frei said that the word game will not help to advance in a real fight against xenophobia. But government spokesman Steffen Seibert only cautiously reported that Chancellor Merkel was not opposed to public debate on this topic. “I don’t care. I prefer to confront racism rather than go into theory,” – said the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Gunter. But the Bremen Parliament has already voted to remove the word “race” from the land of the Constitution. Informed from its use declined in France, Finland and Sweden.