The German magazine Spiegel wrote about the alleged Russian hacker attack, which in 2015 if it were copied the correspondence of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The publication claimed that the hackers got access to the computer of the Chancellor in the Bundestag.

According to Spiegel, a hacker under the alias Scaramouche carried out a cyber attack on computer Merkel, exactly five years ago – may 8, 2015. When in Germany don’t know what information he could steal. It is alleged that an attacker could access the data, the total amount of which reaches at least 16 GB.

“Among them, perhaps, thousands of e-mails from the office Merkel”, – the TASS the text of the Spiegel article.

According to the Federal office for criminal matters (BKA) and Federal office for security in information technology Germany (BSI), the attackers then targeted to two email addresses of the Chancellor, which contained her correspondence for the years 2012-2015.

It is reported that, despite the fact that the secret correspondence is Merkel of the Federal Chancellery, stolen information from the Bundestag could allow to draw conclusions about the personal and official circle of the head of the government and its policy decisions.

Cyber attack on the network of the Bundestag, continues the edition, was made on 30 April 2015. Then many members got the same email messages that ended in “” allegedly associated with the UN. The link included in the letter activated the malicious spy software. To prevent the spread of the program, the German authorities even had to temporarily disable the entire it system of the Bundestag.

The article says that in a few weeks to expire the limitation period of the crime. In this may 5, according to the newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung, the state office of public Prosecutor of Germany declared in the international search Russian Dmitry Badin on suspicion of involvement in the cyber attack on the network of the Bundestag.

In 2018, the alleged hacker attacks from Russia complained about the German channels WDR and ZDF.

The Russian side has repeatedly rejected the allegations of involvement in hacking attacks. None of the law enforcement agencies of Germany never provided any evidence in support of the media about the relations of the criminals with Moscow. Moreover, officials in Germany have recognized the lack of evidence that cybercrime can be associated with Russia.