In Germany five citizens of Tajikistan suspected of preparing a terrorist attack

BERLIN, April 15 – RIA Novosti. Five citizens of Tajikistan arrested in Germany on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack, they are sent to a detention facility, said the press service of the Prosecutor General of Germany, released on Wednesday.

Earlier, the Ministry announced the arrest of a group of alleged members of the terrorist group Islamic state* (is banned in Russia) from Tajikistan. Special forces of North Rhine-Westphalia and employees of the police Department of the düsseldorf arrested criminals early Wednesday morning in Essen, Neuss, Siegen and the district Heinsberg. In addition, in the suspect’s apartment and at six sites in North Rhine-Westphalia were searched. Further investigation will take police of düsseldorf and the Federal criminal police office. Four detainees, and a March 15, 2019 in jail a citizen of Tajikistan suspected that, as members of the Islamic state group* created in Germany, a terrorist cell.

“the Suspects were brought before the investigating judge of the Federal Supreme court. He made the decision on application of measures on the placement in pre-trial detention for all suspects. All of them except the suspect Ravshan B., was arrested today,” – said the press service received by RIA Novosti.

According to investigators, the suspects in January 2019 he joined the IG*. By order of the grouping together they have founded the so-called cell in Germany. At first they planned to go to Tajikistan, there to the framework of the armed “Jihad” to take part in the struggle with the government. Abandoning this idea, they decided to carry out attacks in Germany. They were in contact with two senior commanders of ISIS* in Syria and Afghanistan, and received from them instructions. The purpose of the attacks was to become the institutions of American troops in Germany, or individuals. In particular, they planned to assassinate the man who from the point of view of the terrorists publicly critical of Islam. One of the terrorists has already started to track down the intended victim. Also criminals have collected information about American air bases in Germany. To commit terrorist acts cell possessed firearms, ammunition and instructions for making homemade explosives.*A terrorist organization banned in Russia