The official representative of the government of Germany Ulrike Demmer stated that the German authorities highly appreciate the contribution of the charitable Foundation of bill and Melinda gates to fight the pandemic COVID-19 and other diseases.

Demmer commented on the conspiracy theory about the intention of the bill gates chipped and subdue the population of the planet under the pretext of the fight against coronavirus infection. The gates Foundation in 2018-2019 has been the largest sponsor of the world health organization (who), providing about 10% of the budget of the organization.

Around there are a lot of fictional stories, which deprive people of confidence. Bill and Melinda for 20 years support the fight against poverty and health systems in developing countries. <…> the German Government appreciates the work of the Fund — quoted by TASS representative of the German authorities.

Wrote in early may, the Oscar-winning Director Nikita Mikhalkov produced a television program about the connection of the gates Foundation pandemic and plans to enslave humanity. The management of the channel “Russia 24” not air reruns of the program Mikhalkov, after which the author accused the media of trying to hide the truth.

State Duma Deputy Dmitry Jonas called billionaire bill gates to prove innocence to the emergence of a pandemic coronavirus and to deny the intention to microchipping the population of the Earth, but later called requirements comic.