Deputies from the liberal democratic party together with the party leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky and Senator Sergey Leonov June 1 will submit to the Duma a draft law on benefits to persons who do housework and are in need of support, reports TASS.It is assumed that the amount of the monthly allowance is set at the minimum wage (12 130 rubles). While the payment may claim only one family member and in the case that the size of per capita family income of a housewife (householder) not more than twice the subsistence minimum of the working population.According to the authors, the concept of the bill fits into the National strategy of actions in interests of women in the years 2017-2022.

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They are urged not to underestimate the relevance of the household in any period, and noted that a permanent allowance in the sphere of households will strengthen social stability in the society, irrespective of a pandemic.In the Cabinet of the Russian Federation informed the initiative was not supported, indicating that the minimum wage could “be applied only to the regulation of remuneration and determine the size of temporary disablement allowances, on pregnancy and childbirth, and for other purposes of compulsory social insurance”.