to ensure that citizens could vote, they must follow several rules established in the polling stations. The use of masks is required, it will have to wear before entering the school, where there are ballot boxes, and also disinfect your hands with a special gel. ID to pass into the hands of members of the election Commission is prohibited. The number of voters on the site are strictly limited, to allow people to keep a safe distance. Also recommended to consider in advance for whom to cast their vote, in order to minimize the residence time at the polling station.

Individuals infected with a coronavirus infection, forbidden to take part in the vote. However, there are only a few hundred people, and it’s not the decision will not significantly influence the outcome of elections. In the two regions totals about 4 million voters.

According to the results of social surveys, the current head of the government of Galicia, Alberto núñez Feijoo has all chances to keep his job. It is ready to support the majority of inhabitants of the region. It is worth noting that the people’s party, the leader of the local branch of which is Feijoo, has been in power in Galicia for more than 30 years.

In the Basque Country is also unlikely to undergo serious changes. The Basque nationalist party is the clear leader, which should allow the Chairman of the regional government, iñigo Urkullu to remain at the head of the autonomy. However, now the BNP ruled in the Basque Country in coalition with the socialists. For the sake of this Union Urkullu recently assured that under his leadership the region won’t begin “the road to independence unilaterally”. Given the relatively strong position of the more radical nationalist forces (after the demise of terrorist groups, THIS struggle is completely transferred to the political plane), Madrid beneficial to the preservation of the “status quo.” This means that the ruling is currently in Spain, the socialists, most likely, again will make an Alliance.